WATERWITCH was a Thirty-Square Metre built in 1937 by Uffa to a design by Knud Reimers. Uffa obviously used this experience to develop his own design for Sea Swallow the following year.

The boat is recorded in Uffa's 1937 book Racing, Cruising and Design, and the thirty squares are discussed at length in the 1938 book Thoughts on Yachts and Yachting.

Length Overall 43'-6''
Length WL 28'-6''
Beam Max 7'-2''
Draught 4'-11''
Sail Area (sq feet) 323
Displacement (tons) 2.75
These are the original plans and have quite badly deteriorated. They will probably be reproducable with modern copying techniques.
Lines Plan and Offsets
Hull Construction
Sail Plan
Measurement Plan
Price per set: on application

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