The National Swordfish Class was inaugurated by the YRA in 1946 with the idea of introducing a a racing dinghy in the thoroughbred tradition of the Fourteens. which at the same time would be more stable and thus appeal more to families. The 75 pound gal vanised cast iron centreplate was the main stabilising influence as well as a source of some apprehension for a timid crew! Swordfish 1 - owned by Cambridge University Cruising Club - was registered in 1947 and was named 'Swordfish'.

The first hulls were built from birch plywood and were painted battleship grey (presumably war surplus). Later hulls were built using Aaba veneer and the paint persisted. It was these early owners who scraped off the paint and applied their own varnish. Fairey Marine quickly followed suit and the early beautiful Swordfish emerged.

Regrettably the Swordfish did not sell in the numbers expected by Faireys and the boat was redesigned to become the Albacore. In 1964 the decision to cease production was taken with 215 boats built by Faireys and the last four by Davies Brothers.

Approximately 50 Swordfish remain in sailable condition, a tribute to the design and construction of a fine quality racing dinghy. The Swordfish is still sailed competitively at Hornsea SC and West Riding SC and the Owners Association thrives.


Length Overall 15'-0''
Length WL 15'-0''
Beam Max 5'-0''
Draught 5'-3''
Sail Area (sq feet) 125
The original plans as used by Fairey Marine are available:
Lines Plan
Hull Construction
Sail Plan
Mast Plan
Price per set: 45


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