LIVELY A North Norfolk Sixteen designed in 1938. Large sail area best suited to inland waters.

She is now owned by Robert Veale and is still sailed at Norfolk with some success as typified below.

''Mike, You'll be pleased to hear that Lively last Sunday cleaned up at Blakeney Regatta leaving a fleet of forty odd boats for dead in light winds. She won by nearly four minutes on an hour's course leaving Javelins, RS 400s, Laser 3000s, 4000s, Phantoms and various other exotic craft standing. Her name goes back on the cup she won in 1954 in spite of being penalised this year with an extra two minutes per hundred on handicap''. Robert Veale, 22 August 2000.

Uffa's story of Lively is told in his 1938 book Thoughts on Yachts and Yachting.

Length Overall 16'-0''
Length WL 15'-9''
Beam Max 5'-4''
Draught 5'-2''
Sail Area (sq feet) 174
Displacement (lb) 1073
The original plans were of poor quality and have been redrawn. The following are included:
Lines Plan and Offsets
Hull Construction
Sail Plan
Mast Plan
Price per set: 45


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