JOLLY BOAT An incredibly fast planing dinghy, mass produced by Fairey Marine in the 1950/60s. Uffa claims that he designed the boat when he realised he was getting 'a bit thick aft' so wanted a boat with a bit of room in he could race but could also carry four or five people for a picnic.

The Jolly Boat has a good following in Australia and the class was well represented at the Uffa Fox Centenary Regatta in 1998 at Cowes.

Uffa recounts the story of design and testing the first Jolly Boat in his 1959 book Sailing Boats.

Length Overall 18'-0''
Length WL 17'-6''
Beam Max 5'-0''
Draught 4'-6''
Sail Area (sq feet) 150
Displacement (lb) 850
The original plans were of poor quality and have been redrawn. The following are included:
Lines Plan and Offsets
Hull Construction
Sail Plan
Price per set: 45


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