EFT sail no 86, sail plan (1926)

THUNDER AND LIGHTNING, construction and lines plans

Sail plan of no 270 for H Edwards (1931)

Sail plan RIP no 267 for HA Morris 1934

Sail plan for 1947 design

ERISKAY lines and construction plans

THUNDER lines, construction and sail plans

1939 design construction plan

ALARM lines, construction, mast and sail plans

1934 specification

Construction plan of boat for Scott Freeman

Post war mast plan

Miscellaneous fittings:

fitting list

aluminium top for ballast drop keel

mast winch crank

mast jack 1945/6

Goose neck and boom end fittings

mainsheet block

roller in keel case

cover plans

1937 keel plan

all original plans - contact us if interested

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