The FOXCUB was designed to meet a market need identified by Copland Boats of Ventnor in 1970. Copland were already linked to Uffa as the leading builder of Flying Fifteen during the sixties. The Cub was built in three versions with bilge, fin and lifting keel options. The hull was based on an 18 foot dinghy hull and the first boat was launched in 1970.

After Uffa's death the cabin top was modified to improve headroom. Over 650 of these boats were built in UK until 1983 when the moulds were moved to Dublin.

The Owner's Association was started in 1979, with the first rally held at the Cowes Corinthian Yacht Club in September of that year. Over 150 members have been on the Association's books since that time and the current membership is thirty.


Length Overall 18'-0''
Length WL  
Beam Max  
Sail Area (sq feet)  
Original plans:
Price per set:


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