'Big Books'

Sailing, Seamanship and Yacht Construction (1934)

Uffa's Second Book (1935)

Sail and Power (1936)

Racing, Cruising and Design (1937)

Thoughts on Yachts and Yachting (1938)

Seamanlike Sense in Powercraft (1968)

'Small Books'

Sailing Boats (1959)

According To Uffa (1960)

Joys of Life (1966)

More Joys of Living (1972)


Best of Uffa (edited Guy Cole) (1978)

Crest of the Wave (1939)


Beauty of Sail (In conjunction with Beken of Cowes) (1938)

Uffa Fox Book of Sailing (1963)

"Nautical Code" written by Uffa, and published by the British Safety Council

Uffa Fox, A Personal Biography by June Dixon (1978)

Britannia: Rowing Alone Across the Atlantic by John Fairfax.

Oars Across the Pacific by John Fairfax and Sylvia Cook (1972).

Believed to still be available



Uffa Sings Songs of the Sea


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