BEST BOAT (Round Bilge & Chine)

Uffa’s single handed rowing boats.
Since Uffa's death these boats have somewhat surprisingly attracted probably more interest than any others because of the lack of rowing designs available.

The Uffa Fox Best Boats are 1930's designs. The round bilge hull is a multi-skin wood veneer lay up and the chine version is from thin plywood

Uffa covers these boats in Seamanlike Sense In Power Craft

  Round Bilge Chine
Length Overall 27'-0'' 26'-0''
Length WL 25'-0'' 25'-0''
Beam Max 1'-0'' 1'-3''
Displacement (lb)   250
The original plans were of poor quality and have been redrawn. The following are included:
Lines Plan and Offsets
Hull Construction
Full Size Sections
Price per set: 45 (state round bilge or chine)


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