AVENGER is Uffa’s most famous design and was the biggest single break through in yacht design as the first planing dinghy. In 1928 in the highly competitive National Fourteen Foot development class Uffa had the incredible record of 52 firsts from 57 starts including the Prince of Wales Cup.

Uffa's story of Avenger is told in his 1934 book Sailing, Seamanship and Yacht Construction or an abridged version in The Best of Uffa edited by Guy Cole (still in print with Adlard Coles Nautical, London).


Length Overall 14'-0''
Length WL 14'-0''
Beam Max 4'-8''
Draught 5'-0''
Sail Area (sq feet) 125
Displacement (lb) 800
The original plans were of poor quality and have been redrawn. The following are included:
Lines Plan and Offsets
Hull Construction
Sail Plan
Mast Plan
Price per set: 45


Original plans available on request

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